Storage facilities

Conrad-Storz AG operates its own tank storage facilities in Arosa, Ilanz and Pontresina. In addition, the modern storage facilities in Pontresina are able to add additives to all fuels, so that the individual needs of petroleum retailers can be fulfilled. We are in a position to transfer heating oil, diesel and gasoline from railway cisterns and to deliver the products according to customers needs

Fuel station supply

Our modern tanker fleet delivers to filling stations of our clients throughout the canton, promptly and reliably. The combination of rail and road transport allows us to supply our customers fuels in an efficient and ecological way.

Forward contracts

Fix your heating oil price up to a year ahead of your delivery. You can thereby seize good buying opportunities in todays' volatile markets.

Supply management

Oillink - A measuring instrument installed in the tank indicates continuously, through an internet tool, how full the heating oil tank is. The customer receives information on amount used, average consumption, due date for a tank maintenance, etc.  The data gathered by the probe are sent by SMS to a centrally-located system which also gathers weather information from the nearest point to the installation. The statistics are processed and presented on the Oil Link website for the customer, who is able anywhere and at any time to find their oil tank data through log-in and a protected password.

  • A one-time, all-inclusive installation cost
  • Connection and testing of the data transfer system
  • Accuracy check by means of a conventional measurement method
  • Annual subscription for transmission of data and internet access
  • Communication of data to the internet server at agreed intervals
  • Internet access to the Oil Link homepage by means of a protected password, with the following data:
  • Overview of all heating oil tanks and their oil levels, with details of individual tanks
  • Graphic presentation of heating oil consumption
  • Processing of the statistics including Excel export function
  • Ability to set SMS or email warning alarms for each tank

The measuring probe is a useful aid to establishing an optimal control of heating costs.  An instant check of heating oil consumption is available constantly via the internet.  At a defined (or agreed) point, an EMail or SMS is sent to the owner to indicate the oil level in their tank(s).

The measuring device can be bought or rented.  A rental agreement would be for a minimum 6-year period.

We would be glad to provide you with a purchase or rental offer.

Tank maintenance

We can recommend the following companies in the field of tank servicing:

North Graubünden

Lipag Tankrevisionen
Via Fravi 11
7013 Domat/Ems
Tel. 081 633 34 74
Fax 081 633 41 18

Mebo-Service AG
Felsenaustrasse 5
7000 Chur
Tel. 081 284 23 30
Fax 081 284 58 53

South Graubünden

Simon Wehrli Tankrevisionen GmbH
Charels Suot 68B
7502 Bever 
Tel. 081 852 54 66
Fax 081 852 54 58

We would be pleased to advise you or arrange your tank maintenance.

Heating for large events

From the inauguration party of Zurich Airport Terminal E to the magnificent White Turf races in St. Moritz, Conrad-Storz AG provides solutions and expertise for large-surface heating requirements.

TANK TRANS: Discreet - Flexible - Efficient

For almost 30 years, TANK TRANS has been on the road for customers and partners with petrol, diesel, heating oil and, since recently, also with BIO diesel in Eastern Switzerland. They attach great importance to accuracy, cleanliness and punctuality and are experienced, trained and ISO-certified.

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